Bata Terelueli is a musician and visual artist based in Tbilisi in the country of Georgia. Experimenting with music since 2018 and now actively releasing music since 2021, he creates electronic music. Up until now, he has released 2 albums under his own name: His 2021 album titled '94 Classics, which is an homage to the golden age of jungle and drum and bass, and his most recent release titled Districts, which is an exploration of the atmosphere and character present in his hometown, Tbilisi, where he hails from. Born in 2003, His musical inspirations stem from various sources such as the ambient realms of Brian Eno, to the complex rhythmic experiments of Aphex Twin and Squarepusher. His musical output ranges from ambient soundscapes and vibrations to noisey, IDM experimentations with frantic rhythms and beats. Taking inspiration from the sprawling music scene present in Tbilisi, he tries to incorporate moods and aesthetics of his own environment into his music. His musical proficiency is mostly embedded in electronic music creation software, field recording, with some acoustic musicality such as guitar and piano sprinkled in.

His first musical explorations date all the way back to 2018, during which he released music under the name 'Bata', were experimental and can be encompassed as his musical origins. Throughout 2019 and 2020 he released music under the name 'Relics of Lysergia', which was an ambient musical project focused on the sounds of Tbilisi, which he later developed and released as his album 'Districts'. In 2021 he released music on the English label Dronestrobe Records, collaborating with artists internationally. He has always been interested in bridging music scenes from various countries and collaborating with artists from different musical backgrounds.

On this website you will find music, artwork and other projects by Bata Terelueli, Tbilisi-based musician and visual artist.

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