Welcome to my musical catalogue. All of the music I have worked on and put out is listed below.


NEW Bata Terelueli - Districts (2024)

Districts is my second full-length album comprised of 7 tracks and totaling 42 minutes. It's an intricate study of Tbilisian architecture, character and atmosphere. Utilizing various field recordings captured throughout the city, the album is an ambient/IDM exploration into the artificiality present in the districts of Tbilisi, as well as the melancholy one might experience when traversing these environments.

Bata Terelueli - '94 Classics (2021)

Originally released on Dronestrobe Records in 2021. '94 Classics is my homage to the drum and bass and jungle movement of the 90's. It has tastefully laid out breaks, rave-like pads and melodies, cheesy vocal samples and everything else that makes an enjoyable rave album. Most of the tracks were produced throughout 2019 and 2020.


Digital Field Records

Digital Field Records is a music collective and, subsequently, an internet label that I started in 2021 along with some friends. Focusing primarily on experimental electronic music, I helped release 3 albums throughout 2021. More releases are planned and will be coming soon...

Relics of Lysergia - Self Titled (2020)

Relics of Lysergia was a moniker under which I released ambient music in 2019 and 2020. Featuring gritty drones and dark melodies, it was the result of a time in my life where I felt that ambient music best suited what I had to say. The idea for 'Districts', my second album under my full name, started as far back as the release of the first Relics of Lysergia EP.

Jooj - Self Titled (2021)

A spontaneous creation with UK-based musician Polyscia. Released on Dronestrobe Records in 2021.

pink.sky - compressed clouds (2020)

A single experimental session gave birth to this release in 2020. Experimenting with bitrate and reducing digital bandwidth, I ended up coming up with this hefty tune.

Relics of Lysergia - Ambient Sessions (2019)

Composed at the beginning of 2020, This release took only 5 days to create. Alternating between various music software and using field recordings, this was the start of the Relics of Lysergia journey.

SoundCloud Tunes (2018-)

Since 2018, I've been putting up various unfinished music on my SoundCloud page. Some of my earliest works can be found there, like the soundtrack to a game I was working on throughout 2018 and 2019, my first delvings into creating music using software, etc.